I have published three poetry collections in Italian so far: Per ogni frazione (Campanotto 2010; click here for a selection of poems);  Non di fortuna (Italic Pequod 2017; click here for a selection of poems) and Doveri di una costruzione (Industria&Letteratura, 2022; click here for a selection of poems)

At the moment, I have a fourth collection in progress, titled La parzialità dei molti and started in 2018, which won the Renato Giorgi prize for unpublished works in 2020 (click here to listen to me reading some extracts from it) and a fifth one, titled Siero di provincia and started in 2022. In La parzialità dei molti, I am attempting a polyphonic patchwork of third voices, poised between the struggles of the present and the determination to build their own future. These voices are intermingled with more meditative, ekphrastic and metapoetic sections. I am particularly interested, here, in the tension between the individual and the totality within/surrounding it, between the contemporary loneliness and the glimmers of a collective future. In Siero di provincia, on the other hand, I attempt a poetic memoir of my teenage years, with a view to also portray my home town in the 1990s and surrounding society, diving into the bitterness, boredom, resentment and sense of trapping tied to a (my) provincial lifestyle. I hope to have both these works completed and submitted to publishers by 2024. Here below, a manuscript poem from La parzialità dei molti:

For a selection of my poetry in Italian (both published and unpublished), click here.

For more of my poetry online and in three languages (Italian, English and Lithuanian – transl. by Ramunė Brundzaitė), click here. For a further selection in English and my literary CV (in Italian, including a complete list of reviews and publications), open the files below:

 Esci e nel farlo abbraccia ciò che viene.
 La barriera delle schiene ai tavoli.
 La tua maglietta adolescente. 
 Il bisturi guantato che agganciava 
 le ragazze e le perde 
 nella schiuma sbagliata di una birra alla ciliegia.
 Abbraccia il frigo del futuro che fu, 
 shuttle con vernice decaduta; 
 o quel mestolo calato nella caraffa
 del disegno in chiaroscuro di lei; e te stesso, 
 che lì davanti diventavi una stupida lacrima. 

(da Doveri di una costruzione)

It is hard to say in a nutshell what I try to do when writing poetry – I certainly try to immerse myself in a state of concentration and derangement at the same time when writing, and try to remain alert to potential sources of inspiration. As for my poetics, I strive for a balance between subtlety and engagement, between existential and social themes, between tradition and experimentation. Modernist poets such as Stevens, Eliot, Williams, as well as as Larkin, are some of my poetic landmarks, alongside Italian poets such as Montale, Sereni, Fortini and De Angelis. I have said much of what I think about poetry in a recent online event, here

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